About David Elpern

This is the personal and professional web site of David Elpern, a dermatologist in Williamstown, Massachusetts. My philosophy of medicine is best summarized by William Osler who wrote in 1899: ” “There is a strong feeling abroad among people – you see it in the newspapers – that we doctors are given over nowadays to science; that we care much more for the disease and its scientific aspects than for the individual. I don’t believe it, but at any rate, whether the tendency exists or not, I would urge upon you in your own practice, to care more particularly …for the individual patient than for the special features of the disease…Dealing as we do with poor suffering humanity, we see the man unmasked, exposed to all the frailties and weaknesses, and you have to keep your heart soft and tender lest you have too great a contempt for your fellow creatures…”   You may email me at:  DJE.
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